Magento checkout

There is no secret that an amazing shopping experience must culminate with a fast and intuitive checkout page. No matter how well your online store is presented, a slow Magento checkout will affect your conversion rate bringing fewer sales and will lower customer satisfaction. That’s why it’s so important to make it fast, reliable, and easy to use. So, in this article, we’ve come up with a few tips to make your checkout page run like clockwork.

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Delete unnecessary extensions

Third party modules will always overweight the checkout page. Analyse all of the used extensions, identify which ones are needed and delete the irrelevant ones. After all, what’s the need for such extensions if instead of enhancing your store, they slow down the Magento 2 checkout and harm the customer experience? 

If you find that one of the extensions is key to your online store, but interferes with the checkout speed, consider changing it with an alternative from a reliable module provider.

Optimize static content

Even a brand new Magento store loads over 300 JS files related to the checkout, totalling around 3mb of data. Advanced JS bundling and CDN are two possible optimisation techniques for static content. Enforcing them will help you reduce the load on servers, the number of server requests and the size of these requests. To take things even further, we recommend performing static content optimization for the whole website, not only the checkout.

Remove unnecessary scripts

Sometimes, website scripts with no direct relation to checkout can impact its performance. If you remove unnecessary scripts it will speed up the checkout and the whole website in general, so ask your dev team to perform a website audit to identify all such scripts.

Manage cookies

Cookies optimization is often overlooked, even though these small files can grow with time and impact the website performance. They are transferred each time a browser reaches the web server for CSS files, images and html files. Setting up a separate domain for static content, called the cookies domain, is one of the ways to optimize your cookies. Doing this to serve CSS files, images, javascript and static content for pages with multiple file requests will deliver a significant boost in content loading.

Keep only the right payment options

Having many payment methods brings unnecessary loads on your servers. If you know which payment gateways are popular in the region you are operating in, turn off the other ones. Thus, you will benefit twice. The page will not interact with a lot of 3 party solutions and the API will not load unnecessary js codes, images and logos. As a result, the checkout will become faster. Plus, offering only the most popular options will improve the shopping experience.

Delete unused price rules

One of the factors that the checkout page depends on is the use of price rules that automate discounts. If a website offers ‘buy two get one free’ options, the final price is recounted when customers add new products to their shopping carts. Magento uses all enabled rules to calculate the final price. That is why the more rules there are, the more time is needed for calculations. The process takes even more time when customers add dozens of products to the shopping carts, so make sure you don’t have any unnecessary price rules activated. Instead, use the automatic scheduling for price rules that Magento offers.

One-step checkout

As you probably know, the out-of-the-box Magento checkout consists of 2 steps – shipping and review, and payment. If you want to make the page lighter and provide a superior user experience, you can use one-step checkout modules instead. Just make sure you choose a module from a trusted provider, optimized for a fast checkout page speed.

Delete irrelevant content

The checkout page is where the final buying decisions are happening. Nothing should distract customers from this moment. So, make sure that your checkout page has only the fields necessary for placing the order and such buttons as ‘place order’ and ‘review order’.

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