Upgrade Shopware

Keeping your Shopware eCommerce platform updated to the latest version is a simple task, but with a great impact, not only because it offers various bug fixes and system improvements, but also because with each release, new features might be available. Here is a short tutorial about how to update Shopware to the latest version from your admin panel. All in a less-than-10-minute session.

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When an upgrade is available, you will get a notification in your admin panel. Clicking on ‘Open update’ will reveal the available updates. 

As we said, performing a system update is one of the easiest tasks in Shopware, but certain steps need to be followed. If you are in production mode, the requirement is backing your store up. Once this is achieved, you can go ahead and perform the update by pressing the Start update button.

With every update, you might find out that some of your plugins are not compatible with the upgrade, therefore we recommend de-activating all the incompatible plugins, perform the upgrade, update and reactivate them manually. During the update, Shopware will ask your permission to deactivate all the incompatible plugins, so make sure you tick the option.

Once the plugins are deactivated, the update process starts, following different steps, like checking system requirements, database update and migration. Following the update, various files that are not required for the new version will be removed. 

Once the update finishes, you will get a notification. You have now upgraded to the latest stable version of Shopware in less than 10 minutes.

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