Shopware in 10 minutes

By adding categories to your online shop, you give your customers a clear path they can walk down when searching for a specific product. Moreover, search engines will understand your store better, so here we are carrying on with our quest to make you Shopware experts in less-than-10-minute sessions.

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Catalogues are the central area for managing your Categories. Login to your admin module. Go to Catalogues and Categories. In the Categories drop-down, you will see a list of the Categories already created.

Creating categories in ShopwareClick on the options line (…) and select New category before. Rename it. Now, slide the activate button and save it.

Click on the options line (…) of this newly created category and select the New subcategory option. Rename it to how you want it to show on the storefront. Repeat the process to create as many subcategories as you wish. Make sure you click on them and activate de slider button. Save them.

Creating Categories in ShopwareNow go to Storefront. In General settings, set your Entry point main navigation to the top category you created. Click Save.

When refreshing the site, you will see your newly created categories. You have now added new categories and displayed them in your shop navigation in less than 10 minutes.

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Visit our website to find out about our services