As Shopware Business Partners and strong advocates of this powerful platform, we decided to embark on a journey to get our eCommerce aficionados and Shopware users from zero to heroes in less-than-10-minute sessions.

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The task can be done easily in Shopping Experiences, the CMS module that helps create unique content seamlessly, without prior technical knowledge.

Creating Shopware Home PageYou will have to Log in to your admin module, navigate to Content, and from there to Shopping Experiences. Click on create a new layout and choose Landing Page. In the new layout, click on Add a Block. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Image’ as a block category. Drag and drop the block image. In the Layout Settings panel on the right, fill in all the required fields. Name it, and on the Layout type dropdown menu, select ‘Landing page’ if it’s not filled in automatically. Click Save. Your custom home page has been created successfully. All you have to do now is edit it.

Drag a text box under the image and edit the text. Go to the Block categories and from the dropdown menu, choose a text-image block. Drag and drop it where you need it.

Now you should have a Home page with a header image, a block of text under the header image, and a text-and-image block.

To change the header image, click on the settings wheel at the top of the header image, click on the upload file button and upload your new header.

The process needs to be repeated to change all the images on your page. Click save.

When you are happy with the way your custom home page looks, you will have to assign it to the relevant Catalogue/Category.

Go to the admin module, Catalogues – Categories. Click on your main catalogue, and in the General Settings in the right screen, go to the Layout Assignment section and click Change Layout, select the option that you have created and click Save.

There you go, you have now created your own Home Page in less than 10 minutes.

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Visit our website to find out about our services