5 tips for the best Black Friday ever

One year after, and the news is still vivid in my mind: “Black Friday sales volumes are 64% higher than last year’s at 8.30 in the morning”. “The average value per transaction increased by 60% compared to last year.”… and the list goes on. One thing is sure: this year’s Black Friday will, undoubtedly, be one for the books. With several industries feeling the pains of the pandemic lockdowns around the world, the busiest shopping weekend of the year is slated to be a make-or-break for many retailers. So, we thought it would be a good idea to give you our tips for a successful event:

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Our no.1 tip: Plan and promote early
This step is essential. Think about which products from your online shop might be suitable for your Black Friday sale. You can offer fixed or percentage discounts on the entire purchase, you can give away a free item if the purchase is above a minimum value, you can offer discounts when purchasing a second item, or you can offer BOGOF promotions.

Once you have determined which products are available for sale, you should start to think about the right advertising.

The products we work with, Magento 2 and Shopware 6, come with powerful sets of marketing tools. Valuable SEO and Search functions, Communications features for email marketing and newsletters, as well as Promotion tools are all there to help merchants reach more customers.

At OAK3, we have great expertise in developing eCommerce platforms for B2C and B2B online stores. OAK3 is a Solution Partner for Magento and Shopware, so if you want to know more about which platform you should choose for your e-shop, please contact us or drop us an email at hello@oak3.agency.

Our no.2 tip: Refine your social stores
People follow brands on social media and many have purchased a product because they saw it on a social channel. So, this is the best time to turn your social media channels into extensions of your store, providing an omnichannel shopping experience.

Our resolve: 
We can install and customize Magento Social into your platform. This way, you will be able to launch storefronts on the leading social networks and sync your product catalog with the ones in your shops, keeping your listings consistent at all times.

Our no. 3 tip: Have a quick and efficient checkout process
If you want to avoid abandoned shopping baskets, you should check and improve your checkout process by the time of the Black Friday sale at the latest. Make sure you offer the most popular payment and shipping methods and help your customers complete purchases quicker. At the same time, consider the various opportunities to encourage up-selling or cross-selling.

Our workaround:
We have implemented various solutions for our clients. Hoesje Outlet benefited from a desktop site with a robust front-end experience, but with a completely new approach regarding its mobile design, making it look more like a mobile app. Here, the add to cart button on product pages is fixed and appears after customers have viewed the product info. This way, not only that it doesn’t interrupt the shopping experience, but also the checkout process has been greatly simplified.

Another solution we implemented successfully for Cupio focuses on an efficient sales process in times of high website traffic, taking away the stress on the servers. Adding-to-cart is done through AJAX, by accessing a custom controller of the Magento module which adds the products to the cart and returns with a message to complete the sale. A cronjob running in the background reloads the product collection and regenerates the HTML file, in a temporary file, and after the sale is finished, a switch is automatically made between the temporary HTML file and the one in production. The result is an updated catalog with the out of stock products being grayed out and placed at the end of the listing.

Our no. 4 tip: Reduce the stress on the servers
During Black Friday, there is sudden and very high traffic when the campaigns are launched, and the servers have to process a large volume of data, leading to slowdowns.

Our workaround:
Aiming to reduce the processing on the PHP and MySQL database sides, we created a custom Magento module for Cupio, which, depending on certain settings made from the admin dashboard, loads products from a specified category (e.g. Black Friday), and generates a static HTML page with all this data. This static page benefits from a low volume of HTML data and, more importantly, it doesn’t require any PHP or MySQL processing. Navigation and search only happen on the frontend and show elements depending on what customers are looking for or what they are clicking on.

OAK3 is a Solution Partner for Magento, so if you want to know more about Magento’s out of the box or custom extensions and integrations, please contact us or drop us an email at hello@oak3.agency. We’re here to help!

Our no. 5 tip: Customer service
Once your e-shop is ready, make sure your customer service is outstanding. Answer questions quickly using a live chat or a chatbot. Make sure that you also expand your staff resources in a good time for increased service work.

At OAK3, we have great expertise in developing eCommerce platforms for B2C and B2B online stores. OAK3 is a Solution Partner for Magento and Shopware, so please contact us or drop us an email at hello@oak3.agency.

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