Our current projects

The pandemic profoundly changed workplaces and the nature of work itself. Thankfully, it didn’t stop us in our tracks. Frankly, we can say it even made us stronger. We worked on exciting projects, and at the same time, we’re proud to say that we played a huge part in helping one of our clients, Cupio, achieve 1st place in the “Health & Beauty” category at GPeC 2020, Europe’s most important e-Commerce event. So, thinking about the year that is slowly drawing to a close, we bring you the projects which animate our days at present or made us proud in the past.

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A family company from Cleveland, Ohio, Hinkley has been on the market for nearly 100 years, providing consumers with exceptional lighting and ceiling fan products that are superior in design and quality.

Hinkley contracted us to develop their B2B and outlet websites running on Magento 2 Cloud. The idea was to create a more personalized user experience and our answer was to use the B2B module from Magento commerce, extended with different custom functionalities.

When merchants enter their customer number, acquired through a contract with Hinkley, a validation module connects to the remote MsSQL database on an Amazon Web Services server. The database works as a sync server between Macola – the ERP, and Magento. After validating the customer number, the form with the data coming from Macola is pre-populated. The registration request must be moderated by the administrators. Once accepted, the customer is automatically assigned to an existing or newly-created customer group defined by a similar price type, hence creating a more personalized shopping experience.

Status: ongoing

Hoesjes Outlet
Hoesjes runs a fresh, clear online store with more than 2500 different stylish, affordable protective cases and accessories for the most popular smartphones. Hoesjes emphasizes everything that matters in an online store – a seamless shopping experience and enhanced security and reliability –  so once Magento announced the EOL for M1, Hoesjes approached us to migrate their online e-shop to Magento 2.

The desktop website design is modern and user friendly. The novelty appears when it comes to its mobile design, a more unorthodox approach making it look more like a mobile app. Menu and search buttons are placed at the bottom of the pages. There is also a back button included in the pages, and the add to cart button on product pages is fixed and appears after customers have viewed the product info. The menu is also an outside-the-box idea, as instead of a dropdown, we have implemented different layouts to navigate on, making it clean, simple, and adequate for mobile use.

Status: ongoing

OAK3 is a Solution Partner for Magento, so if you want to know more about Magento’s extensions and integrations, please contact us or drop us an email at hello@oak3.agency. We’re here to help!

Landy’s Chemist
Landys Chemist was established in 1949 and since then, they vastly expanded to serve the communities in London with a great range of products and services. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service both in-store and online and they pride themselves on the exceptional quality of products at competitive prices.

If initially the project required building features like blog, brand landing pages, address prefill in the checkout, and many more, we continued our collaboration and we are proud to say that our team has been offering support and maintenance for the past 2 years.

Once Magento announced the EOL for M1, Landy’s Chemist approached us to migrate their online e-shop to Magento 2. The project required a complex architecture and a lot of resources in order to make the migration and ensure all functionalities work as intended while reducing the downtime of the website.

Status: ongoing

Our relationship with Cupio goes a few years back when they approached us to create their e-store. Initially built on Magento 1, they recently decided to make the transition to Magento 2. The partnership did not stop here, so, with Black Friday in sight, they asked us to get the e-shop ready for this major event.

One of the big problems for almost everyone in the field of eCommerce is the fact that during Black Friday, there is sudden and very high traffic when the campaigns are launched, and the servers cannot process such a large volume of data. Trying to reduce the processing on the part of PHP, but especially on the part of MySQL database, we created a custom Magento module, which, depending on certain settings made from the admin dashboard, loads products from a specified category (e.g. Black Friday), and generates a static HTML page with all this data. This static page benefits from a low volume of HTML data and, more importantly, it doesn’t require any PHP or MySQL processing. Navigation and search only happen on the frontend and show elements depending on what customers are looking for or what they are clicking on.

Adding-to-cart is done through AJAX, by accessing a custom controller of the module which adds the products to the cart and returns with a message to complete the sale. A cronjob running in the background reloads the product collection and regenerates the HTML file, in a temporary file, and after the sale is finished, a switch is automatically made between the temporary HTML file and the one in production. The result is an updated catalog with the out of stock products being grayed out and placed at the end of the listing.

Cupio is one of our long-time trusted partners and we are proud to say that this year, we helped them win 1st place in the “Health & Beauty” category at GPeC – the most important e-Commerce event in Europe.

Status: ongoing

Other projects we have been working on

Fulton Fish Market
Fulton Fish Market approached us back in 2014 to design its eCommerce platform. The project was based on the idea of making fish available based on a subscription model, a challenging technical implementation. We used Magento Enterprise as the solution, coupled with a proprietary WMS. The B2B website, which can be visited at chef.fultonfishmarket.com, is dedicated to restaurants and chefs. Some of the key features are custom lists for quick ordering – tailored for each user, product-level specifications, tiered, and negotiated pricing, and features geared towards the sales team. The entire UI, especially on mobiles, was developed to facilitate the ease of online buying for chefs that needed to order fast and easy.

The B2C online store, visible at shop.fultonfishmarket.com, is dedicated to consumers. Transparency about the freshness of the products was achieved through detailed product information, accurate content, and clear product images that show product quality.

Giving the perishable nature of the goods, we implemented a calendar in checkout to allow B2B and B2C users to select their preferred delivery dates.

Our proprietary WMS solution, written from the first line of code and down to the last, by the OAK3 developers. It integrates with Magento 1 and 2 and seamlessly pulls orders and allows the Fulton team to ensure fast delivery to each customer. The hardware needed to operate the platform – scales, barcode scanners, temperature sensors and printers, were also integrated by OAK3.

Easho is an online wholesale shop for household and day to day products. Our team took over the support and development after it’s Magento 2 launch.

Some of the work on it includes homepage redesign, version upgrades, product feeds, check out upgrade.

At OAK3, we have great expertise in developing eCommerce platforms for B2C and B2B online stores. OAK3 is a Solution Partner for Magento, so if you want to know more about which platform you should choose for your e-shop, please contact us or drop us an email at hello@oak3.agency. We’re here to help!

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