Everybody in the eCommerce business can tell you how important having a great product, matched with a great price, is. It simply gets you in the game. But with more places and ways to shop than ever, it became clearer that if you want to win that game, you will have to do better than that. Because power lies more and more in the hands of the consumer, creating the best possible shopping experience is now the key to success.

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A quick glimpse at companies that mastered this approach shows us that it is not enough to provide the right tools. They all have to work together to create that amazing experience.

On the Disney website, customers can book their entire trips, including individual details such as restaurant reservations. When they arrive in the park, they can use the app to access all the arrangements and also as a guide for the park. They also receive a smart wrist band that removes any physical interactions. They can unlock their hotel room, enter the park, and buy food and merchandise. Information and services are shared across all devices and the mobile app and wristband seamlessly extend the digital experience into the physical world.

Other companies have seamlessly connected their digital and physical retail worlds, being able to access customer and product information when items are picked up in the store. iPads are now the new cash registers, making purchases fast and easy. And if something is out of stock, the employee places an online order for the customer and have the product shipped to his home.

“Omnichannel” is on everyone’s lips, but how do we ensure we get it right?

Well, headless commerce is one key ingredient, and this is easy to be done with a flexible and modern platform like Magento. The concept of headless commerce is the de-coupling of the head containing various touchpoints, from the rest. The head functions as a separate application that consumes services via a modern API based on GraphQL, a query language proven to increase the performance of touchpoint by reducing API calls and data volume with the back end.

Front-end teams can work independently from the back-end and vice versa, back-end teams can work on Magento without worrying about the front-end part. And whatever changes they deploy, they are always available to all touchpoints. This is the right foundation for omnichannel experiences, as this capability enables companies to build and test new touchpoints and emerging technologies.

If the old structure saw marketers deal with landing pages and merchants with product pages, the new headless structure introduces the role of journey managers, responsible for the content and experience of a specific journey, like the journey of converting a page visitor into a customer or a one-time buyer into a subscriber.

Good content delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers and makes your products, services, company, and website unique and valuable. The structure of the content can now be separated from the presentation. Marketers can now focus on creating great content without worrying about design limitations. The rendition of the promotion is the head’s responsibility, and every touchpoint that displays the promotion will have the same presentation logic. Moreover, by using live data coming directly from Magento using API, any regular content can be turned into a product experience and even be assigned add to cart or buy me buttons.

The same logic applies to search landing pages, which are the most important assets that drive relevant traffic to your business when it comes to marketing campaigns. With Magento, you can now use the same GraphQL and API that power your other presentation layers to build the search landing page and be consistent and accurate across all presentation layers. The ability to show product info like price, inventory, and discount, in real-time, determines the success of your marketing campaigns.

The benefits of headless commerce are immense. As the variety of sales channels increase, the headless approach ensures that the end-user receives the same quality on every device or platform. On the other hand, this gives retailers much more agility and flexibility as they can sell their products across multiple channels, devices, and digital touchpoints, all while delivering a seamless, integrated experience to customers.

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