Let others sing your praises!

Seeing a client’s journey from a startup to a successful company that is revolutionizing the seafood industry is rewarding enough. But the thought that they sing our praises for the part that we played in this journey surely makes us cheer with delight!

When Fulton Fish Market approached us back in 2014 to design their eCommerce platform, many of the tasks we were presented with ticked the “near to impossible” box.

It is well known in the online business that selling perishable goods is the final frontier in online shopping. And most sure, selling fresh seafood online seems like reaching the end of the galaxy. What posed most of the challenges was having the goods delivered to consumers’ doors, a day or two from getting it out of the water.

But seeing the panel of experts we would be working alongside, like the company’s CEO, Mike Spindler, who had vast experience in the online grocery area, Cyndi Metallo, David Tanzer, and an iconic fish expert Bobby DiGregorio aka Bobby “Tuna”, made all the difference in overcoming all doubts.

The decision we reached was that Magento Enterprise, coupled with a proprietary WMS, was the solution, so we implemented 2 online stores, aimed at both the B2B and B2C segments, and an order fulfillment solution.

The B2B website, which can be visited at chef.fultonfishmarket.com, is dedicated to restaurants and chefs. Some of the key features are custom lists for quick ordering – tailored for each user, product-level specifications, tiered, and negotiated pricing and features geared towards the sales team. The entire UI, especially on mobiles, was developed to facilitate the ease of online buying for chefs that needed to order fast and accurate.

The B2C online store, visible at shop.fultonfishmarket.com, is dedicated to consumers. Transparency about the freshness of the products was achieved through detailed product information, accurate content, and clear product images that show product quality.

Giving the perishable nature of the goods, the most important customizations were made around the specifics of delivering perishable foods fast. Therefore, we implemented a calendar in checkout to allow B2B and B2C users to select their preferred delivery dates considering restrictions based on their address and specific carriers. At the same time, we added routes management for calculating the best on-schedule delivery options based on users’ addresses.

On peak season fultonfishmarket.com is processing up to 8 tons of fish per week, and with fish needing to be processed, weighed, packed and a very tight deadline for getting it out the door we started the discovery phase for a WMS /order fulfillment platform. The solution was a custom, proprietary platform built on Zend Framework 2 with other specific software technologies, developed and continually refined.

For OAK3, fultonfishmarket.com has been a huge opportunity to work on a complex project, in a challenging industry, with a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. Not to mention the opportunity to build a relationship that has been growing from strength to strength over the past 6 years.

When Lincoln White, Fulton Fish Market’s CIO attended the Meet Magento Conference in New York, he took the time to praise us for the role that we played in their journey, in front of Magento merchants, experienced developers, and other technology partners.