Making or breaking your business – Online store costs

The online is where you NEED to be right now in terms of business. You may already have a brick-and-mortar store but you want to go all the way in terms of visibility and brand recognition? An online store is the answer for you. And after you’ve brainstormed for the best idea, you need someone to help you develop and implement it for maximum profit. Here is where OAK3 comes into the picture, so let us tell you exactly HOW and WHY.

You may already be familiar with the classic pricing methods: fixed quotes or hourly quotes with estimates, but in all fairness, do you know which one is the best choice for your online business project? So, let’s talk goals, budgets and online store budgeting in the right way.

A fixed quote generally implies that you stick to your initial idea and plan of action as stated in the contract. There is no room to play around it, and any changes or unexpected situations or issues that may arise along the way will imply extra work hours and waste of money.

On online store or shop project to be developed from zero needs to take as many possibilities into account as possible. It is literally impossible to anticipate any potential glitch or malfunction, or third party irregularities that may appear, which will trigger inevitable changes for the sake of the project’s finality. These changes will mean loss of resources and loss of capital invested. And the snowball effect will continue with exceeding the deadline, the initial budget, or delivering a faulty online store that will require constant maintenance. What to do then?

At OAK3 we reached a financially sane and logic conclusion, after all the years of web development and web design projects we did for our clients. We understand that NO PROJECT IS THE SAME. Hence, no fixed quote can be applied to suit the initial requirements. We all know this field of activity is ever-changing, first of all due to customer demand trends and secondly, to competitiveness on the market; which is fierce to such an extent that staying ahead of the game is absolutely mandatory for your online business to thrive.

After discussing the main points of your online store project and your short and long-term goals, we can finally make an idea of what the development process will entail. Thus, we can estimate the number of hours and resources required. Nevertheless, after having heard and gone over your business plan, it is our turn to come up with questions, suggestions and advice. Your vision may alter then, or due to the influx of online information, market niche and eCommerce changes that will inevitably occur in time, it may suffer changes later.

Hourly quotes will help you keep your online store project versatile and feasible and will give us flexibility to come up with the best choice of development and design. This approach allows for an optimal development process and will not limit options, as in the case of a fixed quote contract, with preset goals and a finite number of resources involved.

OAK3’s main interest is to develop Magento eCommerce business projects and we always strive to provide the best quality and flexibility, to develop custom functionality that will be operational even after several upgrades. The Magento eCommerce platform has come a long way since 2007 and given its trajectory so far, it will continue to evolve and improve, which is why we always keep up with the latest upgrades.

Making hourly quotes and estimates allows our OAK3 team to highlight our strengths as a digital agency and to provide you, our clients or customers, with the highest value for your money.

However, low or fixed quotes do not imply quality in most cases, as with software upgrades, tech changes and market demands, the implemented code will need to be altered as well, and if it does not support such potential modifications, you will only lose money with corrections or do-overs. This is not feasible and we most certainly do not want that.

Quality of an online Magento business project should always come first, which is why we need to cover all steps of development through estimate work, degree of difficulty, anticipation of future changes and market analysis. All the stages implied by the development of an online store created with Magento have clear delimitation and are interconnected. You also need to take into account that an upgrade, the implementation of a new module or any other change may trigger certain dysfunctionalities.

Being transparent and straightforward from the very beginning of the project is always a plus, and the hourly quote estimation allows us to do so, while being prepared for any potential changes to be carried out during development.

OAK3 is in for the long run. We do not only create Magento eCommerce business projects, we also stand by them for maintenance and support, if necessary.

We use hourly pricing rates because they are first of all, more easily understood by our clients, as we employ meticulous monitoring software, itemized statements and comprehensive and comprehensible work logs. All the work done at OAK3 is justified through these logs in front of our clients through pertinent, accurate and up-to-date development data.

The hourly quotes we use do not mean however, that there is no limit on your budget spending with your online store business project. We will set up certain financial limitations, of course. But flexibility and quality will always pay off on the long term, avoiding extra charges, futile corrections and allowing us to be prepared for any other issues that may come up along the way.

In the end, it’s your choice and your vision, but OAK3 is the perfect means to bring it to life and make a success out of it.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us or drop us an email at We’re here to help! OAK3 is a Solution Partner for Magento and Shopware, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!