The insider: our CTO’s view on Shopware 6

Tibi is our CTO and, as an important part of our team of Certified Developers, he is the one with the greatest expertise under his belt.
Magento addicted, as he proudly likes to call himself, we took him out of his comfort zone to ask him THE question: Can the new player dethrone the leading eCommerce platforms?

What is Shopware6?
Shopware6 is a fully customizable and expandable eCommerce platform. For me, one of its most important features is the fact that it is open-source. Shopware has built a broad and active community around its technology and this fact is crucial because it speeds up the platform’s development as community members consistently create new plugins and develop existing ones.

What type of business is Shopware suitable for?
I have been working with many clients and I can fairly say that choosing the best eCommerce software is not as easy as it seems. It requires a careful assessment of unique needs and available resources, but also the essential features and tools. We recommend Shopware primarily for small and medium online companies because it allows them to implement a shop in a short time based on out-of-the-box features and ready-to-use plugins.

What’s new on Shopware6?
I need to stress that Shopware6 is not the iteration of its predecessor. It is an entirely new platform, built from scratch, centered around API-first approach, which enables merchants to use the platform as a hub for all retail operations. This new architecture was built with simplicity in mind and allows retailers to offer their products independent of device, place, and time, not to mention also an easy integration with other systems like CRM, ERP, or PIM.

In your opinion, which are the top features for Shopware 6?
Shopware6 is known to focus on customers’ shopping experiences and there are many important features to list, but for me, the best feature must be the extremely versatile CMS. Its drag and drop design feature allows users to create engaging, content-rich pages, and thanks to its intuitive usability, it requires no prior technical knowledge. 

Second, I love the simplicity of its Product management tool. Every conceivable property – whether size, weight, or color – can be cataloged and maintained from one place.

Last but not least, I love its omnichannel capability which allows merchants to sell wherever their customers are, no matter if it’s a social media platform, marketplace, POS, or a typical online shop. 

What are the most useful Shopware6 extensions?
Shopware 6 has an official store for plugins, where the number of plugins in development is impressive. 

For me, Paypal is one of the most critical integrations for any eCommerce platform. Shopware works seamlessly with Paypal, offering the most popular products like PayPal Plus, PayPal Express Button, Pay upon Invoice, and PayPal Installments.

Stripe is another compulsory extension, making this platform accept all major debit and credit cards as well as many local methods.

With Google Shopping being one of the most important platforms to market products, it is not a surprise that this is one of my favorite extensions too, offering optimized product feeds, predefined templates, and Increased visibility.

…as a conclusion
I recommend it for small or medium-sized businesses. It is cheaper than many alternatives, easier to set up, has a more intuitive interface, and once it is set up and fully customized, it is pretty easy to manage without any programming skills. Not to mention the much shorter time to market compared to custom-made solutions. But if you own a large company that needs to handle large amounts of data, other options may fit you better.

If you have any questions about Shopware6 or any other options, please contact us or drop us an email at We’re here to help! OAK3 is a Solution Partner, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!