Selling smarter and larger with Magento bundles

The word in the specialist community is that a Magento website can be as good as the designers and developers that build it, and they cannot be more right. Here at OAK3, we are always facing challenges when working on a Magento project, but this is also the reason why we love it. Magento is limitless!

One of the challenges we were presented with when working for Cupio, a Romanian beauty brand, was finding the most effective way to define their products bundling strategy and improve native bundles functionality. Bundles are complex Magento products, they have a huge potential and, in my opinion, are under-used.

The most obvious benefit for merchants is an increase in Average Order Value, but there are also many other side benefits like inventory reduction (as sellers can clear out overstock or slow-selling products), increased product usage and sampling potential. This is highly important for a brand like Cupio, frequently introducing new products to their line. Not to mention that they are a good opportunity for getting creative with packaging.

Shoppers enjoy price savings and for them, bundles are highly convenient, as they reduce decision fatigue and enhance the shopping experience. As many of Cupio’s clients are beginner professionals, bundles provide great guidance for those who are not sure what they need for a complete job.

To put it plainly… everyone loves buying bundles of products, especially when they have been set up well.

Example of a manicure kit. Users can pick up to 2 nail polishes of their desired colors and the rest of the items needed for completing the look are included. The nail polish based bundles have an impressive number of up to 200 options.

What we did for Cupio in terms of extending the bundle products was to provide more flexibility and customization options. We’ve added swatches for options, mix and match against a quantity limit, but also some usability improvements and removal of redundant elements in PDP to make it less intimidating for users.

Choose your hair dye color and have the post care products included

In Cupio’s case, bundles proved to be a great tool for up-selling and cross-selling. We noticed that bundles worked best when the included items were usually purchased together, as the combination had to feel natural. We also noticed that price savings were only one of the motivators and we decided it was best to focus on convenience.

Having 5 bundles in their top 10 bestsellers Cupio is looking forward to keeping exploring this option, so they are constantly testing and adapting new combinations, bringing more value to users. They are also considering using bundles as a tool for a guided shopping experience.

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